Lazy mornings, afternoons at the pool, and late nights—summer is a wonderful time where kids can relax and take it easy. However, once school rolls around, it can be hard to shake those late nights and lazy mornings and get back into the swing of a routine. No fear, we are here to help!

1. Give them a break.
Your kids had several weeks, if not months, off from a strict routine so go easy! Help them ease back, ideally several days before school starts, and give them some time to get back into the swing of things.

2. Early to bed.
Nothing is more important to the grove of a routine than a good night’s sleep! Start rolling that bedtime back a week or so before school starts so kids are off to a good start that first day of school.

3. Reschedule routines.
Have those family dinners or time set aside for reading been thrown to the wind with the summer months? Reestablish some of those familiar routines, including time set up for homework and projects, so everyone is on the same page.

4. Ease the extracurriculars.
If possible, ease up on the extracurriculars those first few weeks. Give your kids time to adjust to a new teacher, a new grade, new friends and a new routine.

5. Space out appointments.
Nothing makes kids crankier than running from appointment to appointment. Try to space out those last minute summer dentist, doctor, and haircut appointments over a few weeks’ time.

6. Declutter the supplies and clothes.

Spend some time going through clothing and school supplies to make sure you are stocked up and ready to go!

7. Invest in a family calendar.
Get a calendar set up that marks out the family’s activities and appointments so there are no surprises once the hectic season of school is upon you!

8. Lay out clothes the night before.
Getting into the habit of laying out clothing the night before will help immensely to make those school mornings run smoothly.

9. Label.
Label, label, label! Label all your kids’ school supplies ahead of time so you are ready to go.

10. Make time for last minute fun.
Summer is coming to a close so be sure and sneak in some last minute fun. Think trips to the playground and picnics outside!

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