Pope Francis has concluded his visit to America, and while he touched upon some very serious topics during his time here (poverty, environmental changes, etc.), he also had a good laugh thanks to Dana and Daniel Madden from Philadelphia.

The couple dressed up their baby daughter Quinn as the Pope for the papal parade on Saturday. As the Pontiff rounded the corner during the celebration, he spotted baby Quinn aka Baby Pope, and started cracking up. He was actually kind of hysterically laughing.

baby pope

After, he had security grab baby Quinn so he could give her a kiss and a blessing. As security safely returned the baby to her parents, he told them that the Pope thinks they have a “great sense of humor.”

Baby Quinn is one of perhaps dozens of babies Pope Francis kissed during his visited to the United States. In fact, one of his security guards’ main jobs is to find babies for him to kiss and bless!

For Quinn and her parents, this is sure to go down as one of the best days in their lives. After all, how many people can say they made the Pope laugh?

Watch the video below, it’s so cute!

What do you think of the Pope’s reaction to Baby Pope?


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