It’s always exciting when moms find out they are going to become grandmas, but one grandma-to-be took her excitement to whole other level.

One day, Lynnda was putting something in the oven when she noticed there was something else already baking in it. She quickly pulls it out and says “who’s toasting bread?” After a couple of hints, she sees┬áthat it’s a bun. “Not the bun in the oven I want!” she says. “I want my daughter to have a bun in the oven.”

Quickly, Lynnda realizes that her daughter does in fact have a bun in the oven, and she completely loses her mind…. she also pees herself.

The video was so good, it was featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos… and won! After watching it, we think you’ll understand why.

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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