With recent shifts in the gig economy, come a plethora of changes into jobs and businesses we can do from the comfort and low overhead cost centers of our own homes. From auto mechanics to massage therapists, below, are four ideas to consider if you’ve been thinking of starting a side hustle from your home.

1. Handmade items.

If you’re crafty and enjoy making things, whether it be leather crafts, knitted hats or paper goods, the handmade economy, primarily driven by sites like Etsy.com have enabled home-based businesses for creators in the recent years. 

2. Auto-mechanic.

If you’re handy with cars and electronics, starting a home-based auto-mechanic business in your garage might be a lucrative, and helpful, business for you. Knowledge of mechanics and automobiles is a desired need in much of the world, as vehicles are the manner in which people derive independence and livelihoods. To have a known and trusted mechanic that charges reasonable and honest prices is a true gift when you’re in a bind. To be this service provider to others could be life-changing for yourself, and others.

3. Massage therapist.

With the increase in apps and connectivity in the modern world, finding a service provider for almost anything you need has put the world at our fingertips. Once you’re a licensed practitioner, setting up the space in your home requires a simple and quiet room with privacy, a massage table and your time.

4. Life Coach.

This is a comprehensive title for a myriad of services provided by life coaches. Accountability, financial coaching, relationship coaching, mindset coaching, trauma coaching, and total life redesign, life coaches are becoming more popular and common in the world of self-help and the progression of life. Like massage therapy, once you’ve acquired the certification, starting a life coaching business is a simple act of defining your niche or focus, marketing your services and providing that service in a quiet space via computer or telephone, in most cases. Some meet in person, but this is rare, as life coaching can be a global relationship. 

No matter your expertise or passion, we all have skills and abilities that can benefit others. Creating a home-based business is an optimal choice for many adults, as schedules and commuting get quite hectic, and we crave more meaning in our work. 


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